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Looking for worship times in Denver? Each Sunday, we gather together in a time of community worship. During this time we seek to worship our creative, loving God and change our focus from all that is wrong with our lives, to all that is right with God and his kingdom. In order to do this, we follow a four-fold rhythm each week. Through song, prayer, poetry, readings and meditations we are inspired, challenged and transformed into more of who God designed us to be. We offer Christian worship gatherings in Denver, CO for you to re-imagine your life with God.

1. Gathering

The first part of our time in community worship is the “Gathering.” During this time, we turn our attention to God who is always present with us, and invite the Holy Spirit to inhabit the praises of the people gathered. We reorient our hearts and minds toward God in preparation for hearing the teaching from the Holy scriptures.

2. The Word

Next we move into a time of teaching from God’s holy word. During this time, we open the ancient scriptures of our faith, and listen to a message given by one of our pastors. We reflect on that message and what God may be revealing to us personally and as a community. We consider in that space, what our response might be.

3. The Table

Third, we move into “The Table,” or communion. This is a time where we remember Christ’s life, which he willingly laid down for us. The communion table is open to all and we invite those who are friends of God to come and share a meal with him in Holy Communion. People are invited to come forward to the communion table, break off a piece of bread, dip it into the juice or wine, and consume it in their own time. Also during this time, those who find it meaningful may light a candle or write a prayer in one of our community journals.

4. Benediction

Lastly, we share in the reciting of a “Benediction” or blessing over our community. It is a reminder for us that we do not just gather for our own enjoyment. We come together to worship and enjoy God, and in this process we receive restoration of our souls. God restores us so that we may work for restoration in the world. The benediction reminds us that we are being sent out to bring blessing, restoration and redemption to a broken and hurting world.

"It is in the process of being worshipped that God communicates His presence to people." – C.S. Lewis

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