(Giving Wall Below)

“For God so loved the world that he gave …”


“For the JOY set before him Christ endured….”

Joyful Giving Opportunities

THE GIVING WALL: purchase a practical item to support a person in need this Christmas

THE GIFT OF PRAYER: join our prayer team

THE GIFT OF HOPE: invite a friend to worship via livestream or in person

THE GIFT OF FINANCIAL PARTNERSHIP: Year End Financial Goal is $100,000

Your presence and partnership in ministry at Platt Park Church are helping people become passionate, devoted followers of Christ. It is a joy to give! Which is why we have named this year’s Christmas offering “Joyful Giving.” We know what God is like by looking at Jesus, and we see in the life of Christ the joy of giving. Christ joyfully gave so that we might be found in Him and restored to fullness of life.

This year more than ever we have seen God at work in and through you, Platt Park Church. We have witnessed the dire need to spread love and help people encounter God. We’ve seen record numbers of people join us in worship (online!) and we have been able to spread love in Platt Park, Denver, and literally all around the globe. Your generosity has helped homeless folks find shelter, kept our lights on, helped unemployed and underemployed people survive these tough times, purchased a much-needed blood analyzer machine for a hospital in Congo, bought groceries for the families of Quixaya, Guatemala, allowed Casas por Cristo to build shelters for families in need in Juarez, Mexico, funded our staff team, helped two refugees with relational support and practical needs, and encouraged and strengthened many human souls to find faith, hope and love in the wide arms of Jesus. These things would not be possible without your partnership, which is why we are so grateful for you. Your gifts allow God’s work to continue to thrive through this community of faith.
Please consider a special year-end gift to support the ongoing work of God through Platt Park Church. We recognize that 2020 has been a tough year for many folks. It has either been a “boom” or a “gloom” sort of year financially for many folks in Denver, so we understand that not everyone can participate financially in this year-end goal. However, when it comes to giving there are many ways to participate, and not all of them are financial.
We give of our lives, including our time, our talents and our treasure. Please participate however you can. We are so grateful for your presence in this community of faith. This year, our giving is down 20% as a result of the pandemic we are facing. If you are able, we appreciate your financial participation in this year-end giving goal to strengthen the ongoing work of God.

Thank you for your generosity to the work of God, in and through our blue doors!