Invitation to Retreat
Jan 17, 2020 at 2:00 PM
Organizer: Tim Grade

Walburga Abbey / Virginia Dale, Colorado
January 17-19
This will be a retreat based on a class I taught at Denver Seminary a couple years ago. We will trace the steps of some of the early monastic people as we open our own hearts and lives to what--and Who--gripped theirs. We will learn together, eat together, practice silence together, sing together (along with the nuns during their daily offices), and process all of it as we do so. It will be a time of exterior silence and (hopefully) interior awakening of a longing we may or may not know is there to know Him more intimately and be known by Him.

Simple meals will be provided by the sisters at the Abbey. Rooms will all be single rooms. Cost will be $130 per person for the weekend (which includes food and lodging).

Space is limited to 12 participants, so please sign up quickly.

1029 Benedictine Way
Virginia Dale, CO 80536

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"It is in the process of being worshipped that God communicates His presence to people." – C.S. Lewis