In 2010 Mother’s Global Village began partnering with Guatemalan moms in their struggle to protect, feed, care for, and educate their families. As of 2011, MGV was partnering with 4 women’s groups in Solola and Suchitepequez to create small businesses opportunities that will provide an income for the women.

Platt Park Church and Mother’s Global Village

Platt Park Church has long been interested in offering an entry level mission trip for first time mission participants and travelers to the developing world. Platt Park Church made the decision to partner with MGV in October of 2010. We sent a small team with the purpose to see how MGV works. Since then, Platt Park Church has committed to partner with MGV in the following ways:

  1. Prayer and friendship
  2. Raise awareness in Denver about Guatemala
  3. Fund projects identified by the communities where MGV serves
  4. Sell Guatemalan coffee at church to raise funds for MGV
  5. Provide funding for women’s small businesses
  6. Send short-term mission teams to communities where MGV serves

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Feel free to ask me anything.

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Feel free to ask us anything.