Denver Dream Center’s mission is to reconnect people who have been isolated by poverty, substance abuse, gangs, imprisonment, homelessness, abuse and neglect to God and to a community of support to meet their physical and spiritual needs. Also, to help them develop a support system that will encourage them to make positive, long-term, God-honoring changes in their lives.

There are several ways to get involved:

Adopt-a-Block is all about creating consistent relationships and practical acts of service.  We are in the same sites every single week and this creates a trust so that we can become part of their family and love them better for Jesus.  Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, we meet at the Mulroy Opportunity Center (3550 W 13th Ave, Denver, CO 80204) at 10:00am for a volunteer rally where we will play a quick game, get the run down of the day and the vision behind it, pray for the sites, and then head out to our Adopt-a-Block sites. From the rally, we set up our sports area, kids area, food area, and donations area at our designated sites.  When the weather is nice, we will be outside where we can BBQ!  Otherwise, we will be inside with pizzas or chili.  Before we eat, we either pray or have a short Bible story reenactment with the kids.  We eat and wrap up by 12:30pm.

DDC Academy is being relaunched this semester!  We will be meeting every 2nd and 4th Monday at the Mulroy Opportunity Center (3550 W 13th Ave).  The class runs from 6:00pm to 7:00pm and volunteers arrive to set up as close to 5:15pm as possible.  Our core focuses for the Academy are education, creativity, and character building.  In semesters passed, we set up the class to be half tutoring and half art with the intention of making kids get their homework done before they were able to participate in the art project.  This worked out ok, but we wanted to grow towards creating an actual academy.  This semester, each class period will have an interactive  lesson plan and a creative element to it.  For example, when we study the food chain, we will talk about omnivores, carnivores, and herbivores.  There will be a lesson based around that and then for the creative piece, each child will get to draw an animal from a hat and create a mask of that animal.  They will then apply what they learned by creating a food chain based on the animals that they represent.

Confidence Classes will be attached to DDC Academy classes.  While the kids are in their Academy class, the women are invited to join our Confidence Classes!  These classes will meet in the same building, at the same time as DDC Academy: the Mulroy Opportunity Center (3550 W 13th Ave).  The class runs from 6:00pm to 7:00pm and volunteers arrive to set up as close to 5:15pm as possible.  This is a new program that we are launching this year and we are so excited to build our confidence with a community of women!  Each class will have a different project and topic.  For example, the first class will be a painting night all around a confidence quote.

Thursday Services happen every 1st and 3rd Thursday! Our services are fun because we get to bus in families from Adopt-a-Block and men from the correctional facilities to be a part of our church service!  We invest time and love into building trust with these people so that when we invite them to church, they give Jesus a chance!  And it is super awesome to see them give their lives to Christ and continue to grow and bring others alongside them!  We are always looking for some extra hands to help out with our services!  Whether it be helping with driving the vans, the parking crew, the welcome crew, the coffee bar, offering ushers, production, worship, kids service workers, nursery workers, anything!  We would love to have you be a part!

Youth and Sports are two of our favorite pieces of what the Dream Center does!  Youth Nights are every 4th Saturday from 6:00pm to 8:00pm and they are something awesome to be a part of because we get to bring kids out of the projects and into an environment that is new and intriguing to them!  You would be surprised how many of our youth have lived in Denver their entire lives and have never been to the mountains.  That’s where we come in!  We take the kids on snow tubing days and we take them to sports games and we are planning youth retreats!  We get them out of their bubble so that they can see that their is more to life than the one neighborhood they know.  It’s amazing to see how God opens their eyes!  The sports piece comes in with our sports clinics.  We partner with the Rockies, the Nuggets, and the Broncos to be able to sign our kids up for sports camps and we also host our own sports camps.  We have a lot of talented kids and we love to give them all of the opportunity that we can to reach their dreams!  If you are interested in youth and sports, contact Grant Harkness at  He is our Youth Director and he will be able to plug you in!


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