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Susie Grade

Second to just being loved by God, I am a mom, pastor and business owner and pretty much addicted to Diet Cokes and Frisco getaways. Prior to college, I spent one year studying the Bible at Ravencrest Chalet in Estes Park, then completed my undergrad in education at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, and my Masters in Leadership at Denver Seminary. I have worked in local churches since my twenties and spent a couple of years working with the international relief and development organization Food for the Hungry. I love reading entrepreneurial books, leadership books, and George MacDonald fairy tales, but most of all I love co-creating environments where people can encounter God and re-connect with Christ.

HELP! What do I do with my overwhelming emotions?

Susie Grade kicks off our series: “HELP! What do I do with my overwhelming emotions?” by looking at a 3-step process to handling emotions: 1) Befriend, 2) Invite, and 3) Unburden.

JOY: joy and resurrection

Susie Grade closes out our series on Joy by looking at joy as a result of resurrection. Joy is possible because of resurrection.


Joy: the fruit of rootedness

Susie Grade teaches about Joy and how it can be present during some of the most difficult, sorrowful times in our lives.


O Come Let Us Adore Him: O come ye to Bethlehem

Susie Grade continues our Advent series of “O Come Let Us Adore Him” with the third line of the song: “o, come ye to Bethlehem.” We look at what draws people to Bethlehem and how Platt Park can aspire to be a place of life that draws people to Christ.

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Feel free to ask me anything.

Feel free to ask me anything.

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